Launching a new format of cricket

Launching a new format of cricket

Diversifying the audience for cricket in the UK.

Diversifying the audience for cricket in the UK.


of ticket buyers were new to cricket


of all tickets were sold to children

Pale, male, and stale – the perception of cricket in England in recent years. Clearly, things had to change.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) revolutionised English cricket with 'The Hundred,' a dynamic format aimed at changing perceptions and attracting new fans.

Overcoming scepticism from the press and traditionalists, we created a brand that resonated with diverse audiences. We recognised that Gen Z seeks speed and instant gratification, finding cricket complex and dull. The Hundred became the solution—a fast-paced format injecting excitement and jeopardy into the game.

To convey this, we launched a ground-breaking 30-second film showcasing male and female players in action, capturing their athleticism and dynamism as we counted down through the Hundred format. Consumer testing validated our approach, with 70% of the target audience finding the film attention-grabbing and thrilling.

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