Driving Growth in Fashion Through Desirability

The House 337 Demand Index is a series of sector-specific guides for business leaders, examining the factors that drive consumer demand for brands and products.

For our first issue, ‘Driving Growth In Fashion Through Desirability’, we take an in-depth look at the UK’s high street fashion retailers and how brand, experience and product combine to create desirability.

With months of economic uncertainty ahead, business leaders, now more than ever, need to understand how their brands are performing and what levers they can pull to retain customers as spending declines.

The brands that win, will be the ones that unlock desirability, by delivering on what matters most to their customers.

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The first issue of the Demand Index builds on our heritage as fashion retail experts, driving and sustaining desirability for the world’s most ambitious brands.

Following a series of research groups and interviews with fashion retail marketeers, we were able to determine the factors that drive desirability in the eyes of consumers.

This informed a nationwide survey, the first of its kind since the global pandemic and as the cost-of-living crisis started to impact spending behaviours.

Six macro themes emerged, which were stress-tested with a panel of marketing leaders, sustainability gurus, fashion and lifestyle editors and digital platform executives.

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The Scorecard

Each of the top 40 retailers in our report has a unique scorecard, measuring 36 individual drivers of desirability, across brand, product and experience. Contact us for a dedicated session breaking down your brand’s results and key action points.

If you’re one of the top 40 fashion brands, we’d love to share your scorecard with you and discuss how you can make your brand more desirable and further drive growth.